Creating custom cabinets, bookcases, mantels, trim and moulding, furniture and more from beautiful wood.


I have provided custom cabinetry and woodwork to owners and designers in Austin and Travis county Texas for over 20 years. I create fine woodwork for both commercial and residential, for all uses … kitchens, offices, board rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms .. all types of spaces and functions.


I do all the work, from our first contact to creating the woodwork to final installation and follow ups. I will be timely and keep you informed as to the projects progress. Most importantly I love creating beautiful woodwork and have for over 30 years, I will not ever try to deliver a mistake or error to a client. Since I do all the work, if I make a mistake I will (and can) make it right.


My work is all custom tailored to the specific needs and desires of our client. Beautiful, unique and lasting my work is also livable, I am committed to using environmentally safe materials and finishes combined with sustainable wood products. Making the woodwork I create safe for you and your family.


I create each piece uniquely for each client, using the woods and hardware they select. Crafted and finished according to their expectations. And then installed by me to assure superior fit, function and appearence for my client’s use and enjoyment.


If you desire truly custom woodwork that reflects your desires and personality contact us. You will be pleased with my combination of Texas learned value and craftsmanship.