Our latest custom kitchen

Let us consult with you and your designer to create a beautiful space.

Custom cabinets for an open kitchen

A recent kitchen redesign with our custom cabinets and workwork creating an more open inviting space.

Updating a cabin

Bringing an old cabin’s kitchen up to date with new custom cabinets.

Fine Custom Cabinets, Furniture and Woodwork

Since 1991 Don Ragland has provided custom cabinetry and woodwork to home owners and designers in Austin, Texas.

Don Ragland Austin TX Cabinet Maker

Don Ragland


We create fine woodwork for both commercial and residential, for all uses ... kitchens, offices, board rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms .. all types of spaces and functions.


Our work is all custom tailored to the specific needs and desires of our client. Beautiful, unique and lasting our work is also livable, we are committed to using environmentally safe materials and finishes combined with sustainable wood products.


We create each piece uniquely for each client. If you desire truly custom woodwork that reflects your desires and personality contact us.


You will be pleased with our combination of Texas learned value and craftsmanship.